Denis Darzacq

"Denis Darzacq is drawn to the contradictions he sees, or would like to see, in everyday life. Indeed his past series have reflected this — bold naked people walking through bland and conformist suburban housing estates, groups of immigrants in the classic and serene poses found in French masterpieces, French youths appearing mid-flight or mid-fall in bleak, unpopulated urban landscapes." - Lens Culture

When I saw these pictures, I did not recognise them as being familiar but understood them in my own way as people in two worlds at once. The subjects are plain human beings, the scenery is everyday but the question appeals to the philosopher's mind. What Denis Darzacq intended, only he can say:

No.1. From the series Hyper

Darzacq:  These two worlds as you call them, they are like the difference between 'being' and 'having'. I remember when I was young, my father's advice on how to be a man. He stressed the importance of meaning versus materialism. But when you are young, for all you know to be  is to have.

No.2. From the series Hyper

How did you arrange these photos?

Darzacq: Some dancers were asked to materialise this paradox, this contradiction, using fake movements (poses) but portraying a state of freedom or lightness, like a breeze. For me, images are stronger when they have more than one meaning: Flying and Freedom / Escape from Materialism...

No.3. From the series Hyper

Could that be a hint of what to expect in your next compositions?

"Yes, I am going to prepare some new work featuring the questions of  Environment vs. People and Figure vs. Landscape very soon."

We're looking forward to that. Thank you and good luck with your upcoming and current exhibition at the Laurence Miller Gallery in New York.      >>>