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Skibek - 50mm f/2

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New Clientele

In late 2012, Photo Shelter surveyed over 5,000 photographers in the community who shared their major business goals for 2013:

This guide offers some data and answers to what will be photographers' greatest source for finding new clients, how they plan to invest their money, which social media platform will they turn to first and whether they expect higher sales in 2013.

Courtesy of Photo Shelter

FotoFest Paris

The Review

Coverage of last year's event as presented by Lens Culture


John Griebsch

Balancing abstraction with realism, John Griebsch's artistry depicts familiar landscapes from a high perspective. The results are strikingly beautiful views of the earth from above as described in this Monograph:

"My series of aerial photographs shows grand scale, fine details and often a painterly sense of composition. I work with ambiguity of scale and the strong graphic quality of nature, and with the hand of man on nature."

"While the images present a sense of selective design applied to an extremely small but significant area of the vast landscape over which I fly,  I find the need to make geographical sense of the earth, as well as to make visual sense of the photograph."The work has  been  exhibited in numerous solo and group shows; was awarded recognition in 2011 in the Palm Springs, California exhibition Earth Through a Lens; and resides in a host of corporate and private USA collections."

There are many more fascinating views in The Art of Aerial Photography and the entire portfolio is available for browsing online at JohnGriebsch.com

Cover Shot


Swimming in Paradise  
Floris van Breugel

Floris is an avid nature photographer whose visit to American Samoa produced this picture, made on the remote island of Ofu. We look forward to more gems from his Art in Nature Photography, especially if they match the wizardry of this composition.