"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art"
 Paul Cézanne


"I love photography but you know, I love boats, especially those of fishermen.
Theirs is one of the hardest jobs to have. 
So my way to honor them is to photograph their work tools.  Lucky for me, 
I often have the chance to go to Britain, where the trade still thrives"

Les Morceaux d'images de Brigitte


A series portraying realism, the attitude of accepting life as is,
and dealing with it as best we can.  PD

Marco Martinelli

"A shiny image taken during a photo-session for the 'Sofa So Good' project, which was born about two years ago (although some experiments came before that). The concept is a sofa, a light and some people who, once fully at ease, become unaware actors in a play directed by the photographer.

Sofa So Good is not only a professional photo shooting set, it's an original framework of entertainment that creates funny and unique pictures, a way to turn a private event or a night in a club into a special long-lasting occasion."


Ordinary Day
Svetislav Nedic

Miners of Sokobanja
Mirodrag Stojanovic 

"These photos from southern Serbia near Sokobanja, reflect the life stories of the subjects in their eyes and attitude."

"The miners had just finished work, emerging from 300 metres below tired but agreeing to pose. With permission from the managers of the mine, I had just enough time and daylight to make these shots."

In the crowd  
Marcel Macinga

"Another lucky moment. It came alive in the street art competition here in Dublin. I was watching the performance of one guy, and one of the girls standing in front of me was looking my way several times - as if she was probably waiting for someone to show up.

It was not possible to miss her lovely face and innocent eyes, so I waited for her to turn around again.

This image came out more impressive than I imagined, with her hand and that look. For me it was breath taking."


Love Locked? 
Cian Crossen

Cian, would you unlock the story of this place for us? The photo is so well composed: mineral and organic tones in harmony, natural and man-made forms mirrored from fore- to background, with dramatic depth of field to close the view.
"Thanks for the glowing comment PJ!"
"This was a very rainy morning in Riga, capital of Latvia. I had a few hours before catching a flight home.
Out with the camera through a nearby city centre park and was really thinking I was nuts to be walking around in the rain

I spotted the bridge over a small stream and though there must be a shot here... Apparently the bridge is well known (I found it by just wandering), the tradition is couples clamp a lock to the railings and then throw the key into the water, you can guess the symbolism..

There were a few people taking snaps standing in front of the rails, so I looked for another angle. I saw this lock sticking out from the rest and as soon as I knelt down and framed it the shot jumped out at me..I have to admit I was really pleased with how the shot came out, reminds me never to give up even if the weather looks poor, there is always a shot out there...!" - Cian Crossen

Montreal Die In 
William Foley

"Visiting my hometown of Montreal a while back I happened upon this. A mass die-in. Normally I get all the memos on protests in my vicinity, but I haven't lived in MTL in a decade so I'd no idea what I was about to bump into:"
"We zigged when we might have zagged and I noticed a swarm of cyclists appearing in all directions. My Troutie senses started tingling... something was going on here.... Next thing I knew, they stopped and dismounted. Right spot. Right time. Dozens of point and shoots and phones started snapping where they stood, I thought 'vantage point!' I was closer to the front so I b-lined it. I think I made a good choice.

They were protesting the death of a cyclist on Montreal street. Killed by a motorist. It was incredible. They shut down Rue Ste. Catherine in the late afternoon on a Saturday. Closed the city for ten minutes. It was beautiful.

I would say that it made a lot of Montreal motorists unreasonably angry, but that would mean the protesters really had no effect." 
© Kreddible Trout Photography