"Photography, for me, is an expression of art. It's noticing the subtleness of the world that we miss in the blink of an eye...captured as a moment in time with a camera's a memory that's frozen, to revisit time & time again.

Elizabeth Anderson 

While looking for the answer to "why do you like photography" I found the brilliant quotation above, which makes a great intro to this section. Themes explore a single idea or visual element which can provide us the inspiration or the subject itself:


Creativity sometimes eludes us and we find ourselves browsing the web, 
scouring the hard-drive and scratching our heads for ideas. Eventually,  
new themes emerge from old pictures, in this case from a show in 2011. 
With celebrity quotes added, Personality is my reading of the theme.  

Still Life

'Restos' from the series by Antonio Diaz


"Someone asked me whether I'd rather not upload nice pictures,
if I really want to show the world such a waste? It's important that
someone pays attention."  

Littering Trash series by Pieriluigi

Style & Design 


Doug Poplett for the Automobile Art Group

Street Life

 Spirit of Hoi Han series by Joseph Aieta


Even Keel by Hanna Cowpe