Nature photography is an arduous pursuit that frames beauty 'in situ' and since Claude Fletcher's inclusive style of writing complements such a vivid portfolio, we invited this monograph on the album Butterflies:
"Strangely enough my interest in butterflies started on a birding field trip. The birds weren't being very cooperative that morning and would not show themselves so while we waited, some members of the group began to identify the numerous butterflies that were flitting around.
As words like 'malachite' and 'fritillary' floated about, it struck me that observing, identifying and photographing these beauties was a worthwhile endeavour, so I set out to learn as much as I could about these beautiful but elusive creatures. The next day I bought a book to help me identify the various species and learn something about their habits and range and soon I was shooting Buckeyes and Cabbage butterflies in my garden. It soon became a weekly ritual  for me to try and capture some of the rare species coming from nearby forests."


"Since I have moved from Jamaica to St. Vincent, my interest in photographing butterflies has continued to grow, even though there is not the wide variety that I have grown accustomed to. However I have acquired a macro lens and found that with practice, patience, slow and steady moves, most butterflies will allow a close approach to enable better detailed shots than when I used a 300mm lens to capture them from further away.

My walls are covered with framed prints of some of my favourite shots and I have sold some and made presents of others to grateful friends and family. Now I look back fondly to that failed birding trip and celebrate the day my interest in butterflies was piqued."
Claude Fletcher