Night Lights

While much easier to say than do, making pictures of  night scenes can reveal a beauty that's hidden in the daytime. The major challenge of course is the technical one of which camera settings to use when and why? Research this yourself and although you may find the options confusing, one thing is certain. Any experiments will be worth the effort, with exposures as long as six seconds.

To see what settings were used, click the photos:

My venture began with city views of  Bridgetown near Trafalgar Square. To artfully feature the late evening canal reflections was my goal and hopefully, these pictures have met with some success.

While cropping and processing styles vary widely in the forums, this is my idea of a fairly well balanced composition. Some may be concerned about the over-exposed highlights, which I'll be sure to avoid next time. Here's some advice on  camera settings  by the SLR Photography Guide.