John Griebsch

Balancing abstraction with realism, John Griebsch's artistry depicts familiar landscapes from a high perspective. The results are strikingly beautiful views of the earth from above as described in this Monograph:

"My series of aerial photographs shows grand scale, fine details and often a painterly sense of composition. I work with ambiguity of scale and the strong graphic quality of nature, and with the hand of man on nature."

"While the images present a sense of selective design applied to an extremely small but significant area of the vast landscape over which I fly,  I find the need to make geographical sense of the earth, as well as to make visual sense of the photograph."The work has  been  exhibited in numerous solo and group shows; was awarded recognition in 2011 in the Palm Springs, California exhibition Earth Through a Lens; and resides in a host of corporate and private USA collections."

There are many more fascinating views in The Art of Aerial Photography and the entire portfolio is available for browsing online at